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Many educational institutions are formed. Gradually: Senbaghs public life changed greatly in education and culture. Under the influence of the people, especially the 69th mass uprising in the national life, and in the honor of our glorious liberation war, Senabagagana has signed a unique achievement. After the independence of the Senbagh Thana Sadar, some of the prominent politicians, intellectuals and progressive social workers have the importance of creating high educational institutions in Senbag. Finally he came to the center of the center. In 1977, Dr. T. Mr. Nuruzzaman Chowdhury (former M. L.A.), Mr. Abdus Choban (former MP), Mr. Abdur Rahman (former MP), Mr. Colonel Chadek (present: Brigadier), Mr. Malkuzzaman, Mr. Molvi Din Islam, Senbagh College is established with the support of Mr. Raydul Hussain (Taju) and in the endeavor of Mr. Anwar Ulhaar, the Circle Officer of that time. From 01 July 1977, Senbagh College started its journey in the city of Senbag, the leader of higher education. Mr. TIAM Nuruzzaman Chowdhury, President and Mr. Deen Islam Moulavi, was the first managing director of the college as the editor. Mr. Md was appointed as the first Principal Kamruzzaman Some of the top educated people of Senbagh were educated at the time of teaching in the service of education. Mr. ATM Sufyan Kamal, Mr. Md. Mostafa, Mr. Obaidullah, Mr. Mia Humayun Kabir, Mr. Nurul Islam, Mr. Amirul Islam, Mr. Md. Shahab Uddin, Mr. Hari Prasanna Majumder is one of the key. In 1977, Comilla Board s affiliation as a Higher Secondary College.